Traditional terri cloth towels with fuzzy loops rough up the hair's cuticle causing damage, tangles and frizz.  The smooth flat surface of the T-Shirt Towel helps keep the cuticle of the hair closed minimizing frizz, tangles and damage.

The T-Shirt Towel is super absorbent and will cut down overall drying time for curly, straight or whaterever style you choose to wear.

Dry your hair without disturbing the curl!  The T-Shirt Towel works for all curls but is especially effective on afro/kinky tiny curls that are more likely to frizz. 

For years curly girls have been drying their hair with an old cotton t-shirt. Now the T-Shirt Towel has the same smooth finish but is thicker, bigger (bath towel size) and more absorbent.  

Finger comb hair while dripping wet (with conditioner in) or under running water.  Shake off moisture in shower without touching curls.  Bend over so your head is upside down, wrap towel around head, secure  and gently squeeze.  You can leave the towel on your head as long as you like.  Be careful to remove gently as not to disturb any curls. 

* The T-Shirt Towel will not produce curls!  The towel does not replace product or styling that define curls.  The T-Shirt towel is a tool that gives you a foundation for success while achieving your curly style goals.  It's purpose is to dry hair without causing additional frizz.

Finally... a towel just for kinky/curly hair!

The T-Shirt Towel is extra absorbent, smooth t-shirt material that cuts down drying time without pulling or frizzing your curls! 
Compare to other "large" hair towels that are smaller, frizz your hair and are more expensive.)


    Risk Free!  
      30 days
         love it or leave it...